Student Leaders Meet for University-Wide Leadership Retreat

By Andrew Capitelli
Student leaders from the Brooklyn and Long Island campuses came together over President’s Day weekend for a multi-day leadership retreat led by St. Joseph’s University, New York administrators, staff and faculty.

Prominent members of SJNY clubs and student organizations enjoyed a wide array of activities and seminars aimed at developing leadership skills and promoting self-reflection.

“I feel I’m now a better communicator and leader,” said Armando Escobar ’24, a Long Island computer information technology major who attended the event. “I know the importance of considering cultural differences when interacting with my team, allowing everyone to feel included and respected. I learned techniques to keep a team motivated and focused on a specific goal.”

Escobar recalled something Vice President of Student Life and Campus Services Shantey Hill-Hanna said in her welcome message, urging participants to be themselves so that they could make the most out of the experience.

“If we had put on a different personality to give a better impression of ourselves to others, we would not have allowed ourselves to be vulnerable,” he said. “And in some moments we wouldn’t have had the chance to identify our flaws and improve.”

Rabin Singh ’25, a Brooklyn Campus student majoring in mathematics and computer science, echoed Escobar’s sentiments.

“Leadership is an art. It’s not about standing out but about making sure everybody is standing together,” he said. “I learned to be responsible and more active with my own values, principles and philosophy in campus groups.”