An Advocate for Internships

Charles Rainone ’22 helps college students test drive their careers

By Samantha Cheyenne Miller ’13

The freedom and flexibility of working in the field of business always appealed to Charles Rainone ’22.

That’s why as a student at St. Joseph’s University’s Long Island Campus, declaring his major was simple.

“Creating and being a part of something that shares your values and allows you to have an impact in the world is super important to me,” Mr. Rainone said.

“I chose my business administration major with a concentration in finance because I knew I wanted to enter the finance space and have an impact on people’s lives, but I also wanted to be entrepreneurial and have the freedom of creating my own business and calendar, and choose with whom I wish to work,” he added.

A headshot of Charles Rainone
Now, he gets to do just that as a financial adviser with Northwestern Mutual.

As a student, Mr. Rainone, 22, of Deer Park, served a valuable internship with Northwestern Mutual. The experience led directly to a job offer.

“Not only am I a financial adviser now, but I also am the director of the internship program at Northwestern Mutual,” said Mr. Rainone, a four-year member of the Long Island Campus’ baseball team.

“Creating and being a part of something that shares your values and allows you to have an impact in the world is super important to me.”
“Our internship program gave me and other interns an opportunity to test drive a career in business and get a good understanding of what an everyday advisor does here at our firm,” he said.

As the director of the internship program, Mr. Rainone now gets to help other college students feel secure in their future career choice.

“Interns learn more about our firm’s culture and all of the different opportunities that can stem from this internship,” Mr. Rainone explained. “We are looking for juniors and seniors who are business and finance majors, but we have had many great interns with other majors due to their interest in meeting with people and helping them achieve financial security.”

Outside of his career, Mr. Rainone helps undergraduate students find reassurance about their field of choice through his involvement in the SJNY mentor program.

“I hope to provide students with more knowledge on the financial advisory/wealth management career paths, as there are so many different routes to go down,” he said.