Aiming Even Higher

SJNY Online student John Raschi ’24 pursuing a dual degree to supplement his successful career
By Brian Harmon
When St. Joseph’s University Online student John Raschi first entered the real world three decades ago, he set his sights on a culinary arts career.

But the idea took a sharp turn when he began to dwell on the unorthodox work schedule of people employed in the restaurant industry.

“It was going to mean working nights, holidays and weekends,” said Mr. Raschi, 51, who is enrolled in a dual degree program that has him set to earn a bachelor’s degree in organizational management in 2024 and a master’s in management the following year.

After putting aside his dreams of working in restaurants, Mr. Raschi started work in the distribution industry, accepting a warehouse position. He quickly climbed up the ranks, earning seven promotions in his first 10 years on the job.

John Raschi
Eventually, he joined upper management. And today he serves as the Northeast regional distribution area manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a bio pharma company servicing laboratories, universities and other entities that conduct medical research. He lives with his wife Caitlin and their 13-year-old-son Ethan in West Hartford, Connecticut.

“The distribution world seemed like a sound, long-term option that would provide good benefits and work/life balance, along with the opportunity to grow,” said Mr. Raschi, recalling how family life influenced his career.

Mr. Raschi has reached a management level in his field that is usually reserved for college graduates. It was while working in a management position for a large pharmaceutical distribution company on Long Island and living in Sayville when Mr. Raschi took classes at St. Joseph’s from 2010 to 2015.

He returned to the University in 2022 and is on the precipice of graduating thanks to the transfer credits he received for associate’s level courses and professional experience. He had been a hybrid student, mixing in-person classes into his schedule. But after transferring to Connecticut earlier this year, he will be fully online the rest of the way.

“As a business professional, I appreciated how St. Joseph’s gave me a great deal of flexibility to keep up with my schoolwork and my role as a director,” he said. “This past spring semester I had two accelerated online classes and I was working 63 hours a week. The flexibility of the courses allowed me to be successful.”

Obtaining a dual degree will help facilitate Mr. Raschi’s upward mobility at work.

“I’m back to school because I’ve had a very wonderful career,” he said. “Finishing my degree has been important to me because of my desire to earn my degrees. It’s also a desire of management for me to continue to be educated.”

Mr. Raschi is on a career track to become senior director of U.S. distribution operations and later, a vice president.

“I’m looking for a larger, more strategic, end-to-end oversight role,” he said. “My company supports my career track.”