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“This publication showcases the talent, achievements and inspiring stories of our vibrant University community.”

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President of St. Joseph’s University, new york
Data breaches, malware, phishing and identity theft.

The cybercrime dangers of our time could not have possibly been imagined by the founders of St. Joseph’s University, New York over a century ago. But it is the resiliency of the Sisters of St. Joseph and their desire to help transform the world for the better that drives our institution’s collaborative efforts to be vigilant against cyberattacks and to successfully educate future cybercrime fighters.

This past year, our University secured $754,000 in federal community project funds for the construction of a cybersecurity lab and the enhancement of STEM equipment at our Brooklyn Campus. These resources will amplify the robust cybersecurity education already in place at the University, which includes an M.S. in Cyber Security advanced degree program.

I am thrilled to present to you the latest edition of SJNY Magazine, which reports on the governmental support we have received for cybersecurity, chronicles how our information technology staff internally wards off cyberattacks and details how we equip our students with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities and potential dangers of the online world.

Furthermore, this publication showcases the talent, achievements and inspiring stories of our vibrant University community. Within the pages of this magazine, you will find a remarkable collection of articles, features and interviews that encapsulate the essence of
St. Joseph’s University.

These stories exemplify our University’s core values and demonstrate how our students develop into well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

I sincerely hope this magazine instills in you the same sense of pride, connectedness and optimism for the future of St. Joseph’s University that I feel. Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our mission.


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